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Seat Availability

Law Library and Law School Seat Reservations


How to Book a Seat

  • Post-Thanksgiving, only students who requested and were granted building access should be entering Myron Taylor Hall. If you were not granted building access during the November 30 – December 11 period, do not plan to enter the building or make seat reservations!  Use of Library Spaces requires that students comply with the Cornell University Student Behavioral Compact 2020-2021. All students are expected to abide by the behavioral compact as responsible university citizens and future members of the legal profession. 


  • All seats must be reserved prior to use.  You may reserve a seat up to three days in advance. 
  • Seats are available Monday through Friday 8:00a.m. - 8:00p.m. and Saturday & Sunday 8:00a.m. - 5:00p.m. 
  • We've increased your booking limit to a total of 8 hours each day. This can be a single 8-hour block or may be divided into smaller amounts of time.  However, please be courteous to your classmates and only book the time you actually plan to use.    
  • During the exam period we have re-opened the Hughes Hall and MTH 387/389 seats for the weekend of December 5-6 and reduced the number of seats in each room.  As a reminder: the Law Library does not control those spaces and sometimes the custodial staff locks them when they come through overnight.  If that happens on a weekday you should email so that they can unlock the room for you. If it happens on the weekend, we recommend that you be prepared to cancel your reservation (using your confirmation email) and book another seat elsewhere.  


  • Begin by selecting your "category" from the drop-down menu above.  Once you select your category, you then have the choice of limiting the display to a certain portion of the building. 
  • Each 30 minute available time slot is highlighted in green. If the time slot you want is red, that means it is already reserved or unavailable for reservation at that time. 
  • Choose the day within the calendar that you would like to reserve, then click on the seat and time on the grid to begin making your reservation. The time slot you have selected will display in yellow text surrounded by a half hour of red "padding" time.  This padding time is to ensure that you (and the student before you) have sufficient time to clean the seat and leave the area.  The padding time does not count against your 8 hour allotment.  
  • After choosing your time slot, you MUST press the blue "Submit Times" button at the bottom of the page.  You will then progress through to a screen where you enter your name and email address, and again you MUST press the blue "Submit my Booking" button.  If you do not, your booking will not be recorded in the system!  
  • You will receive a confirmation email confirming the seat you book and the time slot and date you booked it for.  


  • For maps of the library, click HERE
  • Questions or problems using this seat reservation system?  Email
  • Selected seats on the Second Floor now include SAD (seasonal affective disorder) lamps!  As the weather gets grey and gloomy, you may find that using these sunlight-simulating lamps for 20-30 minutes a day improves your mood and helps you focus. We'll be adding more SAD lamps soon, but in the meantime please do not book the carrels containing SAD lamps for extended periods of time so that your colleagues can also have a turn.  


  • Law Library & Law School seat reservations are restricted to Law Students ONLY.
  • The Law Library and Law School reserve the right to cancel reservations and/or eject patrons. 
  • In the areas reserved for "online class participation" some noise and talking is to be expected.  However, headphones should be used to minimize the disturbance to other students nearby.  
  • No food is allowed in these areas but drinks in closed containers are permitted.  EXCEPTION: Food is now allowed in the Ground Floor carrels.  Please clean up after yourself and keep your mask on when you're not eating or drinking.   
  • Please wipe down your seat and table area after use using the available sanitizer spray and paper towels.

Click here for an option to view only accessible seats.

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